Product & Care

Your KALAKI RIOT piece was handmade (with love!) and therefore can be delicate in nature. Please wear with lots of care.

Our jewelry is handcrafted locally in the heart of Manhattan’s jewelry district. We use reclaimed metals including solid gold, sterling silver, and brass.

We go the extra mile with our plated pieces protecting them with 14K gold micron plating- thicker than the industry standard - or a tarnish-resistant, hypoallergenic coat to resist natural patinas and most metal sensitivities. Our protection efforts also ensure longer wearability at a more affordable price. We are committed to producing each work of art at the highest level, ensuring our pieces achieve premium craftsmanship.

All jewelry needs to be polished eventually to restore its original luster and finish. Avoid wearing your jewelry in or around water for fewer polishing sessions (unless you are doing a basic cleaning). Try not to expose your jewelry to harsh chemicals like perfumes or household cleansers and remove your piece before applying beauty products such as hair spray, cosmetics, oils, or lotions as this can all affect your jewelry.

For basic cleaning, use warm water, a mild soap (like dishwashing detergent), and a soft bristle toothbrush or cloth (anything abrasive can scratch the metal of the piece). To remove tarnish from brass, an additional vinegar rinse or lemon juice mixture should do the trick.

Certain metals tend to oxidize or react more than others when worn over time which is why pieces with an alloy base may cause some skin discoloration. This has nothing to do with the quality of the piece- it is made the same exact way as solid gold jewelry. This happens because of the properties of the metal and how it reacts to the acids in your skin.

Remember that with all gold-dipped, gold-filled, vermeil, and plated jewelry, the finish will eventually become lighter as the plating thins from normal wear and exposure over the years. If treated with care, your piece will be one to enjoy for a very long time.