At Kalaki Riot, our urban island lifestylers are at the heart of our brand. They constantly inspire us with the amazing lives they lead all while understanding the balance of city and island ways – with hard work should come new experiences, adventure can include their serene moments, and the hustle is why we can enjoy our happy places. We can't get enough of this community and we would never have gotten to where we are now without their enthusiasm and support.

We created the KR Lifestylers Affiliate Program so we can share our appreciation with those who love, wear, and promote our brand and products (learn more about Kalaki Riot and our mission).

Join the Kalaki Riot Lifestylers Program, a model for affiliates and brand ambassadors


Our lifestylers are our amazing brand ambassadors. They are a little bit urban; they love the city life, strive to find success, define their own personal style, and appreciate new experiences, always. Our lifestylers are also a little bit island; they always look to the next adventure, crave independence, appreciate natural details, and swear by their own happy places. They've mastered the balance of city life and island mentalities blended into one and they know how to mix the hustle with the happy.

Since our brand straddles city and island lifestyles visually, our brand ambassadors ideally live in a metropolitan or coastal area, are a frequent traveler, or are associated with that space in some way that appeals to the interests of our potential customers (like incorporating details that are all things pineapples and palm trees). They also:

  • Live the urban island life -- the balance of city and island ways resonates with them
  • Have a strong sense of personal style and love curating looks and lifestyle content
  • Have vast network of friends, colleagues and family who value their taste and opinion or ideally have a blog or internet presence with a loyal social following 
  • Are positive, enthusiastic, and genuine
  • Own one or more of our designs (more on this later)


    If you love styling lifestyle shots, posting travel photos, or sharing the next must-have product with your friends, then why not earn money for it? Our lifestylers generate revenue for themselves by promoting our brand via Kalaki Riot links and banners on their site and social media posts. That's right, get paid to promote a product and brand you already love and believe in. It's that simple.

    • For every order completed online through your referral link, you are paid a % of sales (excludes shipping, taxes, or other costs). Commissions start at 5% and can increase as your volume of referrals grows
    • Earn product credit the more referrals you send our way. Incorporating our pieces into your everyday life helps add credibility and tends to generate more response for our lifestylers. That's why we give away the chance to add new pieces to your Kalaki Riot collection as you grow your referrals!
    • You have access to our editorial and lifestyle creatives for use on your website or social media networks
    • We keep you informed with a monthly newsletter featuring updates, new product announcements, and events
    • Our process is fully integrated with PayPal for easy one-click payouts of commissions
    • You have the ability to work with and grow an a lifestyle movement and independent line of handcrafted jewelry proudly made in New York City


    Please read our Terms & Conditions before applying to the program.

    Apply online here for affiliate consideration: Join the Kalaki Riot Lifestylers Program

    Please email with any questions.