Kalaki Riot About Us - Our Story
We know finding balance in your daily urban grind can be tough. That's why at Kalaki Riot (ka-lah-kee), we are all about taking on our city lives with an island mentality. City with beach. Kale with wine. Hustle with chill. We mix the urban and island, the hustle with the happy, in our jewelry because it is a reflection of the alchemic balance of these things in our lives. When life gets crazy, we want you to count on our product to bring you back to your urban island - that oasis in the big city that helps you find balance.

We want to bring back the soulful connection people once had with their jewelry, a time before manufactured layering and stacking was considered an acceptable form of self-expression. Good design is a combination of quality, sustainability, form, and function; our pieces are made with the right balance of all of these elements and designed to remain relevant throughout the years.





Kalaki Riot Founder Tracy DungoFounder Tracy Palac Dungo created KALAKI RIOT with the vision of creating a global lifestyle brand that promotes finding balance in the things people own and in their lives. A graduate of Brown University, she began her e-commerce career working for Ralph Lauren before successfully transitioning into the world of marketing for People Magazine. 
KALAKI is the Hawaiian name for Tracy. RIOT represents the disruptive fusion of "city" and "island," a brilliant display and wild disorder of two worlds that aren't normally placed together.