Kalaki Riot - What does urban island mean?
Kalaki Riot is an ode to the city and the island. It is a lifestyle that aims to bring together people who associate with both worlds, yet don't quite fall into one or the other. 
We're a little bit urban; the city life is our life -- we strive to find success, define our personal style, and appreciate new experiences, always. And we're a little bit island; we need our freedom, always look to our next adventure, appreciate natural details, and swear by our happy places.
Through our original designs, Kalaki Riot fills a niche of handcrafted jewelry that celebrates the wild disorder that is urban island style.


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July 27, 2015

Kalaki Riot Lifestyle Travel Blog | Inspiration in Granada, Nicaragua Photography

And now for your weekly dose of color. It took us maybe two seconds to see why everyone's flocking to Granada, Nicaragua. From its convenient location relative to Nicaragua's busy airport to the underlying hipster culture developing in the city, Granada's given us plenty of reasons to go back.